The Dream, The Sky and The Night Part 1.

The world just wasn't the same as the past, nor is it how optimists dreamed it should be. No, it's filled with ecological disasters and global conflict. But that's the least of our worries, since there's more problems in the world than there are solutions. Then, a young boy had a dream one night. A dream that could very well save the world.

It was like any ordinary night, when you just want to lie down and let sleep consume you after a tiresome day. But Kovan's dreams had always been different. He always had dreams of an unknown land, with strange people and even stranger customs. Little did he know, that his dream tonight will change him forever.

Kovan finds himself in a pitch black room. He couldn't see anything at all until a door of light appear. Naturally he followed that light and stepped into it. Within that light, he sees a figure all dressed in white standing by a waterfall. He used hand gestures to call Kovan closer.

Kovan, being curious, approached the white figure and he was surprised to learn that the white figure looks exactly like someone close to him who passed away in the past. "Who are you? What's going on here?"

"Kovan, young one,don't be afraid. It is indeed me. I have been chosen to explain this to you. It has been a honor, to know you in my lifetime. Here, have a seat, my story will make your legs weak." The white figure sat on a rock near the waterfall.

Kovan took a seat, trusting him since he recognises his speech pattern. He listened patiently to what was told to him. That the world was in such a state that The Powers Above decided to send three gifted persons to save it from itself. That he is one of the chosen, the Dreamchaser, capable of making dreams a reality. That he needs to travel through the foreign lands in his dreams, searching for two others like him.

"Are you up for it, young one?" The white figure held his hands in a tight grip.

"I'm no hero for sure, plus I have trouble believing this is all real. Is this all inside my head or am I really what you said I am?" Kovan hesitated, thinking he must have been influenced by too much soap-operas.

"Well, it is true that your power blurs the line between dream and reality to the point the two world might merge if left unchecked, but as long as you believe it's real, then nothing else can tell you otherwise." The white figure explained while loosening his grip.

"I need a sign, a way to confirm which reality I'm on. The real or the dream?" Kovan rise up and begins to walk away, his face confused.

"You had dreams of water-walking before, have you?" The white figure begins to approach the pool of water.

"Yeah, but I don't..." Before Kovan could complete his sentence, the white figure was walking on top of the water and the waterfall suddenly increased it's intensity. Soon enough, the entire area was flooded. However, Kovan wasn't wet. He's water-walking. "Woah, I.... So, this really is a dream then?"

"It's a piece of reality that only you can enter. Now, remember that you're The Dreamchaser and you have to find two others like you. Find them and the world you call real might have a ray of hope. When you wake up, don't panic. Your journey has begun." With those last words said, the white figure transformed into a beacon of light that engulfs everything.

Kovan woke up, looked around and smiled. "So, all my dreams before this was for this purpose?" Kovan, The Dreamchaser now has to chase The Sky and The Night in a world that's both real and a dream.

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