The Dream, The Sky and The Night Part 2

After months of travelling and absorbing the new environment, Kovan has learned more about his new-found power. However, he learned nothing about the two others he must seek out.

While passing by a small village, a complete stranger came up to him and begun talking about death and how it could be dealt with effectively. Kovan politely replied "I'm here not to believe, but to save."

This shocked the complete stranger so much that Kovan is persuaded to meet their founder, The Sacred One. Kovan thought The Sacred One could be one of the two he must seek. So, he followed the stranger to their headquarters.

Both of them arrived at a building decorated with magical runes. The place even has it's own uniformed guards and smiling receptionist. The stranger just had to mutter a few words and the guards escort Kovan to a separate chamber. Inside that chamber a lady could be found humming to herself while playing with a butterfly.

The guards just stand by the entrance and stare at Kovan. The stranger approached the lady and bend down with one knee on the floor and his fist to the chest. "Dear Sacred One, I found what you ask me to seek. He is here, the one who couldn't believe yet has been saved."

The butterfly that's playing with The Sacred One flew away and circled Kovan instead. The Sacred One finally notices Kovan and went closer to him. "Welcome to this world. How long has it been since the last time the dreamer met the dream?" She took Kovan hands and shake them gently.

"Do I know you?" Kovan allows her to shake his hand but she seemed to treat him like a close friend whom she hasn't seen for a long time. The problem is he can't remember her.

"Oh, right. Does the name Lorelei mean anything to you?" She let go of his hands and crossed her hands to her back.

"Lorelei? That's the name of my imaginary friend when I was a kid. How did you know that name?" Kovan scratches his head.

"That's because I'm her. Let me exlplain from the beginning. When The Power Above created you, they decided to monitor your progress and kept your powers inactive until you matured. So, they attached an entity to your soul at birth. However, the entity was also affected by your power and transformed into a personality. That personality's name is Lorelei. Soon, it begun to have a shape, thanks to your growing powers. Once I was prepared, I materialized in front of you and became your imaginary friend. The Power Above noticed my transformation and forcibly removed me from your soul before I am strong enough to enter your world as a real person, a step ahead as your hallucination only then. However, I refused to leave you. So, we compromised. Instead of never seeing you again, I get to see you in the future when your quest begins. I'm placed here instead."

"Wow, my imaginary friend is real. Lorelei, you nearly got me into a lot of trouble but I miss you so much." Kovan gave Lorelei a hug. Tears could be seen forming in his eyes.

"Now, now. Let me help you in your quest for The Sky and The Night." Lorelei smiled while embracing Kovan. The butterfly could be seen making love patterns in the sky using flower pollen.

"The what and the what?" Kovan released Lorelei and stared at her eyes.

"The names of the two others. The Sky and The Night. Weren't you told their titles?" Lorelei wiped the tears of Kovan eyes with her fingers.

"So that's their full titles?" Kovan tried to dodge but she arm-locked him with her free hand.

"No, it isn't. Their full title would appear when you meet them. Just like how a person have to taste life before he could say he has lived."

"You really have to tell me everything you know. I just got picked up and thrown into this world with barely anything."

"Sure, let me show you around the headquarters." Lorelei took Kovan hands and led him to temporal bliss.

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