The Dream, The Sky and The Night Part 3

Kovan and Lorelei couldn't be separated from each other for long. They always travel together to visit individuals with strong magical talents, hoping they are The Sky or The Night. Neither are found, until they visit the royal infirmary...

"So, why are we here again?" Kovan asks for the 12th time in an hour.

"Sigh, we're here because I have a religious duty to perform, just like how you must find The Sky and The Night..." Lorelei resist the temptation to magically silence Kovan.

Both of them helped the clerics heal the wounded and give out religious advice. Everyone was happy until Kovan got lost on his way to the toilet.

Knock, knock. "Is this the toilet? I'm pretty lost here..." Kovan entered the dark room before he got a reply.

"Get out of here! Get out while I still have control of the host body!" A young boy screamed at Kovan from within the darkness.

"Huh? But I need directions to the.." Before Kovan finishes his sentence, the room is lit with lights from many magical runes carved into the room's walls.

"Hey, this guy's magic.... feels different.... feels alien...." A deep male voice replaces the young boy's voice. "Hmm... It's about time..." The runes on the walls start to dissappear, as if someone erased them from existence. "Gyahahaha... Now every magic absorbed can be used!" A huge explosion followed that last statement.

Kovan got pushed away from the explosion, hitting a wall still intact. "Who are you?" He could see the form of a young man in front of him.

"The name's Giary, and it's time for you to die!" Giary shot a thunder bolt at Kovan. However, he teleported away before the bolt could reach him.

Kovan teleported to Lorelei's side and quickly seal her in a protective buble. She tried to argue that she could be useful in battle since her magic is similar to his, but he refuse to listen. Kovan fears her magic might be absorbed too.

Giary took his time to destroy the place that imprisons him for so long. Many were injured in the process but strangely no one died. Kovan appears in front of him and advises him to stop, but he gets a lightning bolt shot at him instead. Kovan waves his hand and the bolt bends mid-air and went upwards instead. Kovan tried to teleport nearer to Giary but an invisible barrier blocks his way. Giary then tries to nullify Kovan's abilities by drawing a rune in the sky above.

It's at this very moment that Kovan realized he has found The Sky. Giary is The Sky. Kovan quickly hit himself hard on the head and fell unconscious. At that same moment, Giary fell asleep.

-In the dreamworld-

"Your mind and mine are connected now, Giary." Kovan tells the group of personalities in Giary's subconscious. Apparently, Giary suffers from multiple-personality disorder, which is why he's in the royal infirmary.

"Please help us!" The young boy earlier pleas.

"Heh, I guess absorbing is not enough to do this, we have to master the techniques too." A scary looking male said.

"This could be a chance for us. Can I expect everyone to fight on the count of three?" An old man could be seen giving orders to the other personalities.

"Enough of this inner chatter! I'm gonna ask you to choose one personality to represent all of you, do that now before I move on. Otherwise, you would wake up and revert to the state you're in when you're a baby." Kovan threatens all of them in hopes of uniting them.

"The wisest one among us is out for the count since he's stubborn and decided you're an enemy. The strongest one among us is out for the count because he's power-hungry. So, that's two out." A book-worm wearing spectacles said.

"Nice analyst." The young boy said.

"Everyone, I will make sure all of us remain intact, just let me deal with him." A teenager with a lot of hats on his head walks forward as he said that. Voices of approval could be heard everywhere and one by one the personalities retreat.

"So, how do you plan to do this?" The teenage Giary asks.

"I'm going to set a roulette on your body. Whenever there's a rise in your heart rate, the roulette will be activated and a new random personality will be chosen to be host. When you're asleep, all personalities will appear in your dream. How about that?" Kovan explains his remedy.

"Deal." Giary agrees and his entire mind and body transformed.

"By the way, you're The Sky." As soon as Kovan says The Sky, Giary's hair and eye colour changes to blue.

"No, I'm The Skycatcher." Giary The Skycatcher has been found by Kovan The Dreamchaser.

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