Have you ever been so amazed and yet disgusted by the race called humans? As an intelligent observer who rates events, individuals and inventions based on their effectiveness, I can tell you frankly how crazy some of these race are.

I'm amazed by the famous inventors since they managed to enter history books, yes, and also because the Internet has them.

But how many of them has ever heard of inventions that could not be recorded? Like paintings lost before camera was invented, how are they going to enjoy it ever again?

And those mechanism designed to re-create a mini-blackhole, what kind of damage do they have in mind? I start to understand why the entire race is isolated on a single planet.

It's for the good of the galaxy.

Oh, by the way, welcome to the blog, I'm phrenic -- kun, ready to spit nonsense at will, and above is just completely random. My real name is known to select few, but fear not! My name will be known world-wide soon. Muahahahahahaha!

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