The Dream, The Sky and The Night Part 4

As soon as Giary, The Skycatcher awakens from his transformation, he finds himself in a prison cell next to Kovan. Outside the cell, Lorelei could be seen sobbing because she couldn't help Kovan at all. "Sob, sob, I always pride myself with the one with power, but what use are those now when I couldn't help Kovan? Power is useless if couldn't be used for good." Lorelei continues her temporary depression without realizing Giary has awakened.

"Hey, cry-baby over there, can you please tell me why I'm in here?" Giary said while wiping the tears from Lorelei's face with his fingers.

"Eh, you're awake? You were sentenced to prison for destroying the royal infirmary while Kovan is imprisoned because he attacked you, the Lower Royalty. I couldn't lift a finger to help him, since the monarch is more important than a Savior." Lorelei took out a handkerchief and begin wiping away her tears and blowing her nose.

"So you're saying both of us are going to jail?"

"No, both of you ARE in jail. This is the maximum security prison."

Giary could be seen with a mixture of both shocked and depressed plastered on his face.

Suddenly, a whistling sound could be heard from a cell nearby. Giary and Lorelei turned their heads and found a heavily tattooed man signaling them to come closer.

When they did, he whispers "Both of you are exactly what we need, we're preparing a ceremony that could help us escape from this prison, you want a part of it?"



"Huh?" Both of them stare at each other, confused with their reaction to the proposal.

"If you have the chance to escape from this place, why wouldn't you take it? Don't you hate your current situation?" Lorelei asks Giary.

"When will I ever learn anything if every time life is hard, all I ever do is try to run away? No matter how bitter is the taste, swallowing it means being someone worthy of the name 'human'." Giary launches into his philosophical mode and start talking about his version of 'When life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade'. Lorelei fell asleep trying to wait for him to stop talking.

The next day. during prison meal time, the same heavily tattooed guy sat next to Kovan and repeated the offer he gave Giary.

Kovan just gave him a shrug and shake his head in a way that neither approves nor reject the idea.

"What's wrong with all these prisoners? It's as if even the sinful desires no freedom." The tattoo guy mutters to himself and walks away. "Doesn't matter, there's enough souls within range now, just won't be as powerful without their consent." Suddenly the entire room is engulfed with darkness.

"Great, it seems I found The Night and we have to fight. Again. Giary, you ready for some butt-kicking?" Kovan makes his eyes sensitive to shapes even without light. Suddenly his vision returns, although the color's all different.

"Never did like the way he looks, anyway." Giary starts drawing rune symbols in the air. A great amount of magic pour out from him and form horizontal cyclones aimed at the wrong target. He can't see in the dark at all.

"Geez, if you can't see, say so." Kovan changes Giary eyes the same way he did his own eyes.

"Sorry, here we- Of!" Suddenly Giary was knocked backwards by solid darkness.

"Oho, did you forget about me? Let me tell you something, I'm going to convert all of your evilness in your soul into magic power, and there's nothing you can do against my darkness solidfying ability. Bow down now to Devil Krueger." The tattoo man reveals his identity and his evil master plan.

"You know you're The Night, right?" Kovan asks Devil Krueger while neutralizing his magic.

Devil Krueger suddenly let out an ear-splitting scream, with his hair changing rapidly into properly combed hair and his tattoos disappearing from his body.

When he's done screaming, he announces "I'm not The Night. I'm Krueger, The Nighthider."

Kovan, The Dreamchaser has found both Giary, The Skycatcher and Krueger, The Nighthider. The quest is complete.

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