The Dream, The Sky, and The Night Part 5

As soon as The Nighthider has been found, the entire world dissolves into a bright light. The only people left in that light are Kovan, Giary, Krueger and Lorelai. Everything else no longer exists within the white light.

"What the... What happened to the prison?" Giary looks around confused.

"My quest is complete, now that I've found both of you. But.... what's next?" Kovan couldn't help feeling something bad is about to happen.

A booming voice from nowhere then explains the current situation. "Now that the chosen ones are found, it's time to begin your true mission. Go back to the real world and re-shape it. Just step into the pillar of light." The pillar of light appears at the center. The Skycatcher and Nighthider stepped through it without delay. The Dreamchaser, on the other hand...

"Lorelai, would you come with me? I can't live without you by my side." Kovan took her hands as he said this.

"I can't come with you. I'm not even supposed to be here. It's by mercy that you can see me one last time." Tears were flowing down her eyes non-stop because of the decision she's made.

"Then I'm not returning to the real world. I'm willing to sacrifice the world for you, my love." Kovan kissed her hands as he holds them.

"I'm sorry, but I can't live with myself if you do that. I rather sacrifice my love to you for the world." Lorelai uses her power to forcefully blow Kovan backwards, into the pillar of light.

"Wh-" Kovan tried to protest but he was magically silenced by Lorelai. He couldn't hear anything, but he was sure he saw Lorelai lips moving, trying to tell him something important. That's the last thing he saw before everything turns bright white in his eyes.

Kovan woke up from his bed suddenly. "Was it all a dream?" He scratches his head and tried to get up.

"No, it isn't." Krueger says.

"We're proof of that." Giary continues.

And so begins the age of The Dream, The Sky and The Night.

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