A Guy's Drama

You know how every story out there tries to hook you with the first few sentences? Something like, well, a phrase that makes you want to continue reading. Well, here's mine: This document is a fictional diary, an attempt to exaggerate how a guy mind works. Please forgive me if you disagree with whatever written here, oh wait, why am I asking for your forgiveness now? That's reserved for the end. Alright enough nonsense, for the sake of understanding, I will simulate a high school environment since most educated people have at least some experience of high school.

Chap 1: First day

Ah, the high school. The excitement. The chance to wear those green pants. And all those girls running around free as a bird. Well, not for long since I will... A pause before I continue that sentence. Readers, fill up the blanks here for yourself... and that's my way of doing things with the opposite gender.

Why, I couldn't even wait for the class to start! The teachers are pretty much ignore-able. Based on past experiences with elementary school, I bet some dude will be sitting next to me. How come the genders automatically split themselves still confuses me to this very day.

But hey, I suppose you gotta know your own kind first before knowing the other. My prediction came true. Mr. Specky sits next to me. Sure, it sounds rude to call him that, but come on, his glasses really made an impression.

Now, for the introduction ritual to begin. First, a smile, then an extended hand and lastly the question. And tada! Anyone could got that first name, and based on that, it's safe to say a friend has been made.

Now, as we continue talking and knowing each other better, it's totally acceptable to be influenced by and/or influence this new friend. The power of peer pressure is strong in groups of humans.

And, of course you have to turn your head around and notice the geography of the classroom. Basically, there's always an equation that goes along the lines of first row equals to strong desire to excel in studies and last row equals to strong desire to misbehave.

Now is the time to choose which circle to hang around with. The front, the middle or the last. The front will most likely end up with group studies. The middle will most likely be what someone would call a guy's night out. The back will most likely be skipping classes. Decisions, decisions, decisions. And to think I need to plan my conquest of the canteen.

Multi-tasking might be important in the future, so maybe I should learn them young. I could already day-dream while singing a song. That's a start, right?

So, here comes the dreaded introduction session. I just waited my time and tried to think of the perfect words to describe myself. That sure is hard while I tried to analyze the girls that introduced themselves. Not bad, as usual, you have the typical class setting. The classy, the virtuous, the shy, the undesirable, the tough cookie, the class beauty-queen, if you'll allow, I could go on until I end up repeating myself, but that's beside the point. The point is when you group a bunch of humans together, you can't help labeling and comparing them. It's human nature. To a lot of people, personality is lower than first impression when it comes to judging a person. Sure, some would argue that's not the case, but sadly, it's never easy knowing a personality the first time you see them. It takes a lot of time and effort to figure out a person's personality while first impression is done instantly. Most civilized societies have some form of instant food. Yes, we know instant food is bad, but there's demand for it. First impression is like instant food. Quick and does the job, whether it's filling up our stomach or filling up a person's profile.

Soon, my turn will be up. I've decided to play it cool and act like everyone owes me a favor. My first few words were gibberish, then a cultural reference about the gibberish that's actually faked, ended with an honest statement on my own sexuality that most typical Asians will frown upon.

Youth is the only time in your life you are excused for acting like, well, a youth. Every imaginable wild act is called rebellious and best of all, even law is lenient to most of the minor stuff since youth is considered under-age. I'm not supporting crime from young, but I'm merely saying youngsters should take a chance when they can, since once they're older it's not possible anymore. It's just like the saying "rules are meant to be broken". Once forbidden, curiosity will just drive us onwards to experiment.

I managed to take note of the few claps I got while I sit back down. Now people start whispering and giving me the "funny" look. Typical, society just loves gossip and moments like my introduction is bound to spread rumors. Now I get to feel like a movie star, having people talk bad about me in my front, back and side. You could say I just gained a reputation, although the kind of reputation is completely beyond my control.

Well, worse come to worse, they'll all label me so bad that nobody would dare talk to me. However, it's during these moments that you can see how humanity shine by weeding out those who are willing to stand against stigma and peer pressure. It's during these moments true friends are born.

Next is the class elections. During the freshman year, you don't have a clear idea of who's who in the class. So, you pretty much depend on looks when it comes to voting for posts such as class monitor. You just go for the one who looks most capable of doing his or her duty. These elections are some of the shortest one ever yet it impacts the class for the whole year.

Sometimes, it's comparable to Russian roulette, we never know what will happen after we vote/shoot. Real politics doesn't start then.

But you could say with responsibility, comes self-esteem. Well, unless nobody respects your duty. Like people who deals with garbage. How many people do you think respect them? Most people cover their noses while beside them. Stop for awhile and give it a thought. Would you do their job if they quit and nobody else is available to do it? Rubbish must be dealt with, otherwise everywhere will stink. There's always demand for low-pay, no-respect, hard-work jobs. Supply however, is another sad story that must be kept under the carpet for peace of mind. *Cough* Foreigners *Cough*

Time management is important in the many aspects of humanity. So, everyone must copy down the class timetable given to them unless they plan to leave all their books in their school desk. It's a risky move since you're leaving them vulnerable to vandalism, theft and worse of all, misplacement during exam table reshuffling. But on the plus side, you don't need to carry a heavy back to school almost daily and damage your bones. So it's a battle between health and convenience. Hopefully, the government would allow electronic versions of textbooks to be used on hand phones in high school. Now that's embracing Information Technology.

Oh, I almost forget to mention about the class teacher. The class teacher has more responsibility than your English subject teacher as this teacher is responsible for taking care all of the class. They're like your parent in school. The headmaster/headmistress is the grandparent while other teachers are aunts and uncles. They're like your second family except they shape you into the person you will grow up into and sometimes couldn't remember that fact.

The education system exposes us to a variety of disciplines, from art to problem-solving. One of these disciplines might one day be our occupation in our future if we choose it. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. However, conditions like dyslexia would prevent a person from getting anywhere. For people like these, home-school or special school is probably the only answer.

Has anyone ever wondered why the school system uses a bell sound to signify the change of periods? Why can't they change it to the sound of an explosion? Or even allow students to vote for their own version of a period-change-sound. Bet that would make school way cooler that how it already is.

Anyway, there goes the bell. It's recess time. Recess to me is like warfare. Careful planning and exact execution means life or death. I am proud to say that I live to eat. Eating means a lot to me, so much that social interactions can take second place. That's why I have to plan the fastest route to the lunch-lady. And also have to run the fastest to get to her first before all the special rice is gone. That, I'm still working on. The running part. What can I say? I have big bones!

After recess, it's classes again. Man, I hate them so much and there's pretty much no work on the first day, so I'm not gonna describe them much. I'm going straight to the journey home. There are a few modes of transportation available to students. They are: bus (plenty of things can happen), bicycle (will be stolen/vandalized in the future), cars (classmates assuming the driver's family and things going downhill from there) and legs (good way to find out where each other lives).

Which ever way chosen, there will be unexpected events such as missing the school bus. For these cases, it's best to call someone up on the public phone unless it's been vandalized beyond hope. The public phone vandalized is still okay, the worst is the toilets. If every toilet door is vandalized, imagine taking a poop without a door. Oh, the shame of it all!

One more noteworthy thing about after school hours is the snack vendors found patiently waiting at the school gates. These snack vendors give good and affordable treats for sucking up to any social circle you might wish to join. Used wisely, you might acquire the image of rich kid. If what you want is temporary friendship, then be the rich kid. As long as you have the money, that's as long as you'll have the friends.

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