Melody Toucher (One-Shot)

Date: November 16, 20xx A.D.

Dear Diary,

I have always been proud of myself. Always confident that despite my ability, I could still live a happy life. Today marks the change of all that. You see, diary, I have fallen in love. And of all the people I could have fall for, I fall for a musician. Why? Why musician? I knew my ability would complicate things between us, so I kept it a secret for now. But how long could I keep it up? I'm scared. I'm scared that once the truth about myself is known, I would no longer be loved. Please, please, make it so he never finds out.

Date: December 25, 20xx A.D.

Dear Diary,

Things have been great so far. So great that I could temporarily forget about my ability and the impact it could have on our relationship. However, everything came crashing down when he said he's going to play a song for me on Christmas. This is it. If I avoid him this time, there would be a great rift between us. (Darn you, Christmas!) If I listen to the song, the song would be completely distorted by my ability to touch sound. I guess there is no other way but the truth right now, eh? Get ready the tissues, chick-flicks and ice-cream!

Date: December 26, 20xx A.D.

Dear Diary,

I could not sleep the whole night. As I predicted, the relationship went sour as soon as the song started. I touched the song and distort it against my will. I have no control over my ability. He was so shocked his face went white. We broke up and I watched so many chick-flicks on breakups and ate so much ice-cream (tears flavor) that I'm sick of it. How could a person find love when they are hated for who they are?


  1. This is actually a summary of the entire story that I could write. There is another two coming soon, called Dream Toucher and Emotion Toucher.


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