Of Dreams And Reality

I am a chronic dreamer. How chronic you ask? I often hold my hand up and expect something magical to appear. I must admit, as a young adult in an unforgiving world this pathetic habit of mine could prove troublesome (It once led to hospitalisation, but that is another story for another time). But I refuse to change. I refuse to give up my love for all my hobbies when I was a child. I refuse to stop reading comics (One Piece, Naruto, Bakuman) and watching cartoons (Code Geass, Vandread, Neon Genesis Evangelion). I refuse to stop playing video games (Final Fantasy, Persona, Mana Khemia, Tales Of). I know, I know. For doing this, I will never be considered fully adult. But if being adult means closing off the mind and stop to imagine when there's inspiration, then count me as a child. Forever, if that's what it takes. I did dream. I am dreaming. I will dream. Let the dream never ends.

Reality, in the present with men means a few things. Power, women and materialistic possesions. That's all that matters to most men in present reality. Now let's compare myself and see if I had any of those. Power. Nope, not in any high position. Ever. Just one of those people that makes up the wallpaper of houses. Women. Nope, still single. Had a few misadventures with a few of them in my past. Nothing pretty or perfect, mind you. Materialistic possesions. Nope, no car, cash, creadit cards or condominium. So, basically I just failed a reality check. But what difference does it make? Not a single thing could change the fact that I'm comfortable being who I am. A person who has great family and friends. A person lucky enough to live in a country not in war. A person who has a bright mind with radical ideas and a sense of humour good enough to make him laugh at his own thoughts. So, in my reality, I have family, friends, environment, intelligence and humour. Not exactly the things on people wishlist. But for these I'm thankful to God. Maybe next time I'll discuss ants burial rites.

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