One Method To Lose Sanity

This time the topic will be sanity. Here I will suggest a method to lose your sanity. Aka: crazy/insane/mad. So, what method a schizo recommends to lose your sanity (without using voices)? Well, quite simple actually. Use culture shock. Continuous culture shock. It goes something like this: First, put a normal sane person in a jungle for a year, then pick him up and put him in a city for a year, then pick him up again and put him in the mountains for a year, keep repeating this process for as many new environments as possible. This is the method I thought of to drive people crazy. Once drilled in, the sane person will feel like an alien at least if he/she is not insane. They couldn't afford to get attached to anything, since they will be forcibly moved to another new culture in one year's time. The person must be cut off from all forms of communication possible today. For example: no hand phone, letters, internet and fax.

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