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I know as a Malaysian everyone's racist, but I still feel guilty that my first thought when meeting Fuji is he wants to grope a Malaysian woman's butt. You see, the reason for that kind of prejudice is I met him on the LRT train. He even fits the local desrciption for a pervert.Long messy hair, all-black clothes (complete with gloves) and a facial mask. Our Iphone seems to be making the same weird noise in sync too. It gets weirder when he said he has been specifically looking for me, the owner of this particular iPhone.

"You want to steal my iPhone?" I asked while clutching on the said object tightly to my chest.

"No, no, no, I just want to know what this mystery app does, that's all. I swear to Kami-sama that I will not harm or steal from you." Fuji said in fluent English. He seems a bit excited and can't take his eyes off his iPhone.

"Mystery app? The one that force-installs itself and can't be deleted?" The weird noise from my iPhone has stopped. Instead, my current app is replaced by a black screen. I tried pressing every button, twice, to no effects. The black screen is still there. "Did you send me a virus?" I asked Fuji.

"No, I just followed the map in the mystery app. Took leave from work and an air flight here for that." He replied with a sad tone. Suddenly words appear at the black screen of both iPhones. Repeat these words after me. "Huh? Sins cannot be forgiven? What the hell does that mean?" Fuji scratches his head as he said the text.

Fuji seems as confused as I am about what's happening. My iPhone has the text Release the King on it but I hesitated to do as it says. At the same time, Fuji's iPhone changed into a loading screen for a typical game, with cute animation and fantasy background. Fuji looked at me and gave me a thumbs-up. "Well, whatever. Release the King." The same loading screen appear on my iPhone. Fuji sat on the empty seat next to me and grinned. "Exciting, isn't it? When you take a wild trip and found a puzzle worth solving?"

"Puzzle? I swear, in God's name, if my iPhone is damaged because of you, you will pay me back not one penny less." I can't let my three month's salary go to waste because of one Japanese dude. Ping. Huh? The screen has changed again... into text scrolling upwards, just like in Star Wars introduction.

Congratulations for activating this mystery app! We at Apple Inc are launching a special, exclusive and experimental event in conjuction with the release of our iPad. This is a Multiplayer iPhone App Tournament (MiAT). Upon saying the activation words before this screen, voice recognition software have locked you as the sole user of this app. The app will show you your next opponent in the downloaded map. Your stats in game depends on how you use your iPhone. The prize for the winner of the tournament is 30% of Apple Inc's annual revenue in your bank account, every year. And now, Fight!

Another screen appear after I touch the screen, an avatar of a king appearing as my game character. "So, now you are my opponent, Fuji. Let me warn you, I have been playing electronic games from the age of 5. You stand no chance." Which is true, if you count television games played by house phone as electronic.

"Hah, bet you never level up until 99 in the first game dungeon before. I have. Made sure I bot those RPGs every night before I sleep." To think my parents used to scold me for playing videogames. If I win this, I will be rich! I could even retire years ahead of my current generation!

After the Bluetooth confirms both iPhones are connected, the battle begins. Initiative is given to King since he won the coin-flip. King gets to attack first. King uses his musical talent to do status ailment damage. Sin responded by damaging itself, thus cancelling all special status ailment.

Now it is Sin's turn. Sin took out a giant compass and threw it at King. King is at 80% health.

"Shit. Wasted my first turn advantage." I must analyze my available options carefully. The timer doesn't allow me much time to think, but I thought iPhone is all about touchscreen, so....

King decides to use close combat attacks. King launches a flurry of punches on Sin. Sin is at 50% health.

"What the hell? How could one attack hurt me so much?" Fuji seems outraged at his avatar's health.

"You hurt yourself to cancel my status ailment, remember?" I can't help gloating.

Sin's appearance has an additional blood on it. Probably to signal it's low health. Sin took out an app and change it into... something else. A weapon. The app it chose is a game about aerial combat. So, Sin gets a jetpack and machineguns. Sin shot at King until he run out of bullets. King is at 40% health.

"You could do that, huh? Ok, here goes..." I know the perfect game app for this situation.

King did the same thing as what Sin did. He changed an app into a weapon. The weapon that appeared is... a computer. He chose a hacking app. King hacked into Sin's app and changed his health to 0%. King won the battle! appear on both iPhone.

"Sigh... Back to Japan it seems..." Fuji got up from his seat.

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