The Eternal Dream

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I once had a dream,
Of a school of philosophy,
Where every abstract idea,
Gets debated and analyzed.

I once had a dream,
Of my friends in trouble,
But I have only one pair of hands,
So I have to choose,
Which friend to save first.

I once had a dream,
The world is in a war,
There is no education,
There is no luxury,
There is pain and death,
But I still want war.

I once had a dream,
I killed so many zombies,
They were everywhere,
From left to right,
From indoors to outdoors,
Zombies everywhere,
I died in that dream,
Because of reloading.

I once had a dream,
I am some kind of kung-fu master,
Where I kick so many ass,
That Ip Man would feel so ashamed,
I woke up before I reach the final boss.

I once had a dream,
Where I met the girl of my dreams,
We didn't do much,
Except kissing and sharing secrets.
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