The Future Dream Writer

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This is a story told in poem form, just because I am lazy. I wonder if any indie film directors want to try this?

A long long long time,
In the future,
Men have decoded the brain,
The word 'sub-conscious' have no meaning.

When human sleep,
They can choose their dream,
It is all up to one man,
To write the dreams of the future.

He writes a thousand fantasies,
A thousand possibilities,
A thousand situations,
Giving many entertainment,
Little did anyone knew,
His role would shape humanity forever.

Everything changes,
With just one little girl,
Who pops out of nowhere,
And claims you're her great-grandpa.

Oh boy,
What a ride,
First a lunatic descendant from the future,
Then robotic killer machines,
Then nano-virus plague,
Then alien race contact,
Then the framed murder,
Now that offer to clone myself for multi-tasking sound good.

In the end,
Found a time-worm for my descendant,
Used my work to write off the killer robots,
Got a cure from the future,
Gave the alien race my frozen heart,
Sacrificed one of my clones to get away from the police,
Now to fade away in time.

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