Pain, Faith and the Emotional Roller Coaster

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Why does human have emotion?
Why do we laugh?
Why do we cry?
Why do we get mad?
Because the brain tells us so.

In this roller coaster,
I can feel the high,
I can feel the low,
I'm so glad there are others beside me,
Magnifying my screams a hundred fold.

Ah, when I think of emotions,
When I reflect on love,
The very thing that follows humanity,
I feel so ironic,
I have friends,
Yet I want more than that,
I have family,
But I take them for granted,
Humans are just such flawful creatures,
Even if they know the exact nature of the flaw,
They are powerless to change it.

It makes us suffer,
Keeps us from danger,
Makes us so afraid,
I wonder,
What life is without it?
A totally different one,
A life without caring,
How your body would end up.

The ability to believe in,
Despite the object not existing,
Is so universal,
That every human has it,
Belief in a God,
Or believe in the lack of God,
Or believe in yourself,
It's still called believing.

The ride has been good so far,
With screams and tears,
With life and death,
I hope my ride would end,
With people smiling at the end.
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