One Piece

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Now I'm going to write a poem about another obsession of mine: One Piece.

In the quest for a piece,
Can it really bring peace?
Can Luffy be Pirate King?
The whole journey is so interesting.

Ah Nami,
Such great beauty and cunning,
Her weather abilities,
Are a true blessing,
Without her,
Luffy would be gay,
According to fans anyway.

Why do you chase the top?
Don't you know?
All vanities are pure vanities,
Nothing is really worth doing,
You can't bring fame to the grave.

Be stronger,
You were amazing,
When you fought all alone,
Never would I imagine,
That you are "Snipe King".

Lust has taken over your mind,
Nothing but women can motivate you,
Why don't you try a mail-order bride?
At least you know she will obey.

Such dark past you have,
A heavy burden that you carry,
I hope you really do find happiness,
No matter where it came from.

You have the most amazing ability,
But I wonder,
Can you make the rumble ball,
Applicable to humans?
It would be so cool,
To see Luffy eating rumble ball,
And using Gear 3 simultaneously.

How I love your style,
You are like,
The stripper of the show,
But all your cool gadgets,
Made sure you are no ordinary comedy relief.

A talking skeleton,
What was Eiichiro Oda thinking?
He must be on drugs,
When he thought of everything.

PS.: I know there is a time skip coming soon. Don't disappoint me, Oda!
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