Love Interrupted

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When I saw you,
I mark you out,
I try my best,
To know more about you,
To be close to you,
But all my hard work,
Got misunderstood,
You think I'm a stalker/gay/friend/bastard/insert-anything-except-lover,
What can I say,
Maybe the whole timing is just not right,
Maybe I haven't met "her" yet,
Maybe I'm just not ready for love and the whole package,
I care about you,
Yet it was never meant to be,
So can I stand next to you?
During your happiest moments and saddest moments?
I just don't want you to be alone,
But I know I could never be by your side forever,
Would you forgive me?
If I said I never want you to be lonely ever again?
Even if the person next to you isn't me,
I would make sure you are happy with him.

From a guy to a girl.

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