Chinese Tea and Teh Tarik: A Love Poem

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Chinese tea said,
I don't care what you taste like,
I love you,
Teh tarik replied,
You love me,
Why? If not my taste,
Then what?
Chinese tea replied,
Because everyone knows you and me,
We are the most common thing in restaurants.

Chinese tea asks,
When I am gone,
Will you move on?
Teh tarik replies,
Are you cheating behind my back?
Chinese tea replies,
My heart is already taken,
Teh tarik gave him a slap,
And run away in tears,
She moved to another country,
And start a new life.

Years pass by,
Teh tarik decides to visit her hometown,
Her friends,
Kopi-O and Milo Ais,
Told her a week after she left,
Chinese tea succumb to cancer.

Teh tarik visited his grave,
And on his tombstone,
She can't stop crying,
For these words are written,
For T.T's happiness,
I choose loneliness.

The greatest love of all is the sacrifice of self for their future happiness, even if it means eternal suffering for self.
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