Yellue! Who's there?

This is a poem dedicated to the Yellue! campaign currently held in UTAR Perak campus, 2nd November 2010 by  Publics Relations students. It's another save-the-environment campaign with a catchy word. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

People say hi,
I say Yellue,
People throw rubbish,
I recycle rubbish,
People waste water,
I conserve water,
People hurt Mother Nature,
I protect Mother Nature,
People have to be educated,
I am educated.

We have been blessed,
With a beautiful planet,
Why can't we appreciate it?
Why do we take it for granted?
Why are we so arrogant?
Without a planet to live on,
We are all doomed,
For space migration is not ready yet.

This is a warning,
If we are not careful,
Trees would be extinct,
Animals would be extinct,
Insects will feed on us only,
Earth surface will not be habitable,
Our air will smell like second hand smoke,
Our water will give us diarrhea,
Please oh  please,
Don't give our future generation,
Such a horrible planet.

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