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Every book has a secret,
A power waiting to be discovered,
Once read and binded,
The power is yours to use.

Is what we call,
Those with such powers,
Because they need,
To hold the book,
To activate the power.

This is a story,
Of a Booker war,
Between the book of,
Creation and Destruction.

It all started with a legend,
When ten different pages are combined,
The ultimate book is created,
Causing great many misery.

One particular Booker,
Keeps getting attacked,
But none could defeat him,
Because his power is Creation,
Creation of multiple powers.

Unknown to him,
One particular Booker,
Has been stalking him,
Taking pages from everyone she defeats,
When they are at their weakest.

Creation have to fight her,
The Ultimate Destruction,
Creation almost lost,
Until all the books that lost to him,
Combine with his book.

After the fight,
It is revealed,
That Destruction desperately lacked love,
Tears mixed with blood.

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