Today, Yesterday

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Oh how I wonder,
Where I am in my past,
Where I've been,
And what I did.

On that special day,
My friends come and play,
All we did is read books,
Play video-games,
And Pokemon.

On that special day,
I met a Panda Lord,
Little did both of us know,
We will be there later.

On that special day,
I met Magnus,
After so long,
We know too much of each other.

On that special day,
I fall in love,
So deeply,
One could say I'm crazy.

On that special day,
I manage to graduate,
Thank God for it,
So much sweat and blood wasted.

Let's play till we drop dead,
Let's love till we commit fully,
Let's be friends till time ends,
Let's remember today,
As another special day.
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