The Weapon Writer

Have you heard?
That the pen is mightier than a sword?
It is true,
For there exists,
Weapon writers.

Weapon writers,
Writes philosophy so well,
That a reader would become a fanatic,
Ready to throw his life away,
To obey a person he never met,
Just because he read,
What the world could be.

Weapon writers,
They only need to write one sentence,
To make a reader his friend,
Imagine what would happen,
If the reader read an entire book.

Weapon writers,
Even after their death,
Will always live on,
Spoken about,
Taken out of context,
Used for personal purpose,
Their work is just too complex.

Weapon writers,
Each with a personal army,
And the ability to change the world,
Is the highest stage a writer could be,
I want to be a weapon writer.
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