The God Who Musn't Exist

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In the beginning,
Before Earth existed,
It was there,
A singular entity,
Searching for enlightment.

In it's search,
Many died,
Many cried,
Many begged,
Many mutilated,
Many tortured,
Every river was filled,
With corpses and survivors.

This entity,
Must not reach full Godhood,
For it is worst than,
Seven deadly sins,
Or genocide,
Or racial hatred,
Or religious phobia,
It is so foul,
No words is enough to describe.

If it is a God,
The world will never be in peace,
Everyone will stop trusting each other,
Blood will flow on every street,
Childbirth rate will drop,
Human population will decrease,
Religion and government,
Will become fairy tales.

No matter what,
This God musn't exist.
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