A Sick Valentine

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This one is inspired by my classmate.

On every February,
When teenage hormones go overload,
Causing more harm than hormonal pains.

When it is Valentine,
The lucky few,
Gets overloaded with chocolate,
I call these,
A rare disease,
Which makes the patient talk to chocolates.

When it is Valentine,
Too many nerds,
Will feel like a loser,
And express these sentiments,
On the world wide web,
I call these,
Because they are so desperate,
They would even marry,
Any girl who wants money only.

When it is Valentine,
Too many couples,
Will break-up,
Because there is no longer any passion,
And the restaurant is not romantic enough,
I call these,
How can love be measured,
By how romantic a single day can be?

If you have any of the disease mentioned above,
Please contact the nearest love doctor,
And make sure that love doctor has no ulterior motives.

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