The Weaponic Bloodline

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Weaponic Bloodline,
Something which everyone in my clan,
Likes to use and brag about,
We cannot hurt anyone,
Yet we cause so many grief.

My weaponic bloodline,
Comes in the form of a river,
Anyone who needs a weapon,
Just need to put their hand in,
And their personal ultimate weapon,
Will be in their hands.

Everyone in my clan,
Is jealous of me,
For my bloodline,
Is the one of legends,
Making me automatically the clan head.

Many guards have died,
In order to protect me,
From ambushes and assassinations,
Even though my bloodline is legendary,
I could not save my guards,
Do you know,
How painful it is,
To be the strongest yet not able,
To save any loyal to you.

What have I done wrong?
To deserve such a fate?
I tried to remove myself from the clan,
Yet everyone still keep hunting me,
My adventure in the outside world,
Even cost me my first love.

The moment I begged,
For my life to be taken,
I had a vision,
She appeared to me,
And said my bloodline,
Can preserve her soul,
My bloodline becomes alive,
Thanks to her soul merging with it,
At that moment,
I am no longer alone,
And truly legendary.  
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