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A weaponmaker's job,
Is to make weapons,
For weaponeater,
So she knows how I lived.

Let me tell you,
How we met,
And what we do,
I know weaponeater,
After I felt,
The destruction of my weapon,
I know who she was,
Although we never meet,
She feels like a long lost friend.

My duty is to make weapons,
For people to continue killing each other,
I never liked this duty,
Until I felt her,
My only hope,
Is for her to track me down,
From the wielders of my creations.

I created a blade that mirrors everything,
For it to capture an image,
An image of me and where I live,
But I fear,
This weapon could kill her,
For it allows the ultimate sneak attack,
It can transport items through reflecting surfaces.

Now I wait,
Half in fear,
Half in excitement,
With my future,
In the hands of weaponeater.

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