Garden of Swords

Different sword-types.Image via Wikipedia
In this garden,
Swords of the fallen,
Are planted everywhere,
With plants around them,
The more plants,
The more history the sword has.

Each sword here,
Has a deep history,
Filled with tears and blood,
Each was used by people,
Written about in history.

In this garden,
You can tell,
That each sword,
Is built for one type of personality,
That sword that looks like a tree?
Is meant for eco-terrorist,
That sword with many spikes?
Is meant for serial killers,
Whoever you are,
There is a sword for you,
If you can enter this garden.

The swords here,
Would be used again,
Sometimes by new users,
Sometimes by original owner,
But every time when,
They are needed the most.

If you ever come to this garden,
You know which sword is yours,
For the bonds between both of you,
Is decided long before your time.
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