Grammar Nazi Wheelzard's Revenge Squad

Allied World War II soldiersImage by Dunechaser via Flickr
Every dictator who knew history,
Knows how important,
Secret operatives are,
So this is my agents:

Meet Would-be,
She's the leader,
Best strategist in the force,
Cold-blooded and calculative,
Once shot herself to complete her duty,
Also mercilessly slaughtered countless civilians,
To destroy an advancing battalion.

Meet Could-be,
She's the marksman,
Give her any object,
And for sure she will hit the target,
Once she threw a chopstick at a switch blind-folded,
Also a firearms expert.

Meet Is-is,
She's the martial artist,
She has a black belt,
In more martial arts than her fingers,
Once she smashed a wall empty-handed,
Also dented tank armor with her skull.

Meet Will-be,
She's the psychiatrist,
She's the field medic,
With a hypnotism hobby,
Once she sang an entire audience to sleep,
Also uses her voice as painkiller.

Meet To-be,
She's the torturer,
She knows the art of pain,
Better than Einstein's knowledge of science,
Once she used artificial organs to keep them alive,
Also loves to collect birth marks.

These are my girls,
My angels of retribution,
Carrying my will,
Making wives everywhere weep.

One last thing, each of them has a rival with equal abilities,
Did you piss in your pants yet?
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