I Stole Her Time Machine

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She told me,
She came from the past,
I believed her,
Because I've seen her childhood photos,
And she warned me of this event personally.

She came from the past,
Hoping to meet me,
Her future husband,
Because she was afraid,
Of the possible future.

Although I knew what I did was wrong,
I still do it anyway,
Because I am in great need,
Of a time travel machine,
I stole her time machine.

Let me assure you,
My reason for that crime,
Is a valid one,
In that timeline anyway,
I want to see my mother's face,
She disappeared when I was a baby.

I met my mother in the past,
I told her who I am,
With pictures of her and her husband,
She did not freak out,
But she was confused,
How and why did she disappear?

The answer was completely bizarre,
She did not disappear,
She stole my time machine,
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,
I never knew when she traveled to,
Since she was never seen again,
When the machine returned a minute later.

Now that I knew the truth,
I returned to my timeline,
Knowing I caused my own suffering,
Imagine my shock,
When I am back in present,
To find myself a sibling,
From my mother who traveled ahead of her time,
And came back to my family.

Thanks to her time machine,
I have a mother today.

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