Tears of a soul

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An angel once found,
In the mortal world,
A maiden's soul,
Shedding a tear of gold,
The angel asked,
The reason of that tear,
The maiden soul,
Just continue to cry,
Until rivers are made,
Out of golden tears,
Finally she wailed,
Why oh why,
Must love hurts so bad?
Why oh why,
Can't he love me back?
The angel said,
All things have their own paths,
Maybe that path,
Was never meant to be,
Maybe another path,
Will be unlocked,
Because of this,
Have faith,
Cry yourself out now,
Empty your sorrow into the river,
Let it grow into a sea,
Just like how,
Sea and land is together,
So is sorrow and joy.

*Beautiful, is this not?*

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