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Shut up and listen, you jerk
For my opinions are what matter
Truth is for the sucker
Whose backbone is soft as butter
It’s cool to be critical of others who like Twilight
It’s good to have an opinion because I am always right
Doesn’t matter whether what I say
Would have an effect on what they feel
Even though subjectivity
Is such a big freaking deal
As long as my arguments make sense
My essays would make a distinction
I talk about social justice and the marginalized
But I step over those whom I cannot empathise
I’m smart because I embody perfection
Not like some other "faculties" who are by definition
Mindless dupes whose lives are run by formulae
Dumb blonds with empty heads and sugary fluffy parfait
I make fun of Bieber and Rebecca Black because it is just awesome
I talk about the rights of the homosexual who needs undivided attention
Oh how liberated I am!
Because I shackle the Other who is blind and swindled by scam
I spew foul language because I am free
And tear others down with my words and my amazing glee
It's classy to articulate opinions
Everyone is equal
But some are less equal than others
Because they don't agree with me
I want peace and I want to stop slavery!
I write about disempowered migrants
And I make fun of weird people and their brainless ideology
I am all for the rights of women
I can't stand my classmate because she is such a bitch!
I crush her name on Facebook and toss her reputation into the ditch
I am so awesome I cannot handle me
I bubble with intelligence but I hate stupidity!

Originally written by Godislove, posted here with permission.

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