What to look forward to.

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Every day I wake up,
And count the days off my calendar,
9 more days to that movie,
8 more days to that game,
7 more days to my paycheck,
6 more days till I meet her,
Those are worth waiting for,
Worth looking forward to.

You wish time to move faster,
Yet it won't,
When you reflect back your past,
You felt that time pass too fast,
Why can't you ever be satisfied?
Time has set it's own pace,
Try to live the moment,
Don't dwell in the past,
Don't worship the future,
Treasure the present.

What do you treasure the most?
Protect them with what you can,
For everyone's a mortal,
We live on borrowed time.

I just want to say,
There are still reasons,
To live on this planet.

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