Why Choose Video Games?

NintendoCover of Nintendo
Why choose video games?
Over exercise?
Over friendship?
Over romance?
What's so good about it?

Let me tell you why,
Video games is a global addiction,
Nintendo Wii games provide exercise,
Friendships form in online games,
Women in dating simulators are better,
Why choose something else,
When you have found a better alternative?

Let me tell you now,
How this age is the age of gamers,
With every future leader in developing countries,
Have at least heard of pokemon,
They know the concept of collecting and training,
An elite team to accomplish challenges ahead,
What is wrong with teaching children that?

Video games also have a negative aspect,
With addiction comes neglect of reality,
Nothing else matters but the game,
Destroy the save file,
And you just might get murdered.

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