The Age of Golden Dragon Sword

Dice for various games, especially for rolepla...Image via WikipediaThis one is dedicated to the games I'm currently playing.

The time for war is upon us,
With dragons blocking sunlight,
To arms!
To arms!
Every able bodied person,
To arms!
Draw your weapons,
Sharpen your skills,
Make no mistake,
It is survival of the fittest.

It is an age of discovery,
When enemies long thought as folklore,
Jumps out of tales into reality,
We have more predators to worry about,
Some even hide among us,
Now we must search,
Among the oldest tomes,
How did our ancestors deal with them?

Among these dragons,
The elite are golden in color,
With such magnificent beauty,
One can't help but be amazed,
Until they spoke our language,
Forcing us out of our ignorance,
Now they are no longer just animals,
For they speak our tongue as well.

Many cultures speak of weapons,
Weapons with power enough to do wonders,
Such a sword is what we seek,
But how does one find an object,
Which is described in stories?

We must defeat the enemy,
Or get trampled by the horde,
Of people rushing for war.

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