Book Addict

Alkaline Trio - This Addiction single coverImage via WikipediaIn this modern world,
Addiction is common,
Addiction to games,
Addiction to drugs,
Addiction to alcohol,
Addiction to tobacco,
All are unhealthy,
But ever heard of positive addiction?
Yes, you read that right,
Addiction to books,
Is bound to have positive effects.

Now let me explain,
What is meant,
By book addiction.

A book addict is a person,
Who enjoys reading,
To the point of,
Spending his earnings and youth,
Building a labyrinth of knowledge.

How to tell,
If a person is a book addict?
Observe him long enough,
And you will find a book,
Is never beyond their arm's reach,
They know a good plot line,
From those which lacks consistency,
They can recite from heart the plot,
Of certain novel to movie adaptions,
Unless the director changes the plot,
They value knowledge,
And recognizes wisdom when it knocks.

Book addicts love a new book,
As long as it's their favorite genre,
Never give an autobiography to a comic book fan.

Please turn more children into book addicts.    
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