Happy Birthday, Samm!

Today is the day,
When an ocean rises,
Not as tsunami,
But as that source of happiness.

Let's celebrate!
It's Samm's Big Day!
Bring out all the anime!
Bring out all the hot men!
Don't keep them inside the house;
Share them with Samm!

Oh look at the sky;
Filled with cute fluffy clouds,
With the right spectrum of color;
And when it rains,
It rains hot sexy men!
(It better be Daisuke Ono this time.)

Do you know any gay man?
Introduce him to Samm!
Do you know any cat lover?
Introduce him/her to Samm!
Do you know any music composer?
Introduce him/her to Samm!
Do you know any Shakespeare wannabe?
Introduce him/her to Samm!
Do you know any Star Wars fanatic?
Introduce him/her to Samm!
Actually, if you are any of the above, male and hot,
Introduce yourself to Samm!
(BTW, she's already taken.)

Do you cosplay as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji?
If you do,
Beware of Samm!
She melts at the thought of Sebastian;
Her high pitch girly scream is high quality stuff;
Fangirl level 9000 approaching!

Heard of Optimus Prime?
His red shiny truck,
Is full of testosterone hormone;
Reminds people of their childhood,
When cartoons were cool.

The joy of yaoi;
How it could lift up a girl's mood;
How every fujoshi loves,
The sight of two hot dudes,
Getting some action going.

Among Youtube stars,
Nicepeter is among the top;
With all the epicness,
Of legends in rap battles,
Enough to save the music industry.

Cats are Samm's kryptonite;
At the sight of cats,
She would change into a different person;
Even if the world is in danger,
Samm will still save the cat first.

Can you name all the memes?
There's way too many!
But that doesn't mean,
Samm will stop catching them all;

Oh Sheldon, you;
Who can resist your eccentric behavior?
Come play Call of Duty with Samm;
It's fun calculating projectile speed and angles;
Sheldon can give a lecture on ricochet;
Leonard can clean up the mess after the gaming session;
He always cleans up Sheldon's mess;
Raj just need a place to sit and stare;
He's always shy;
Howard better control himself;
Even I can't guarantee his safety if he flirts.

If you like physical abuse,
Or Justin Bierber,
Or animal abuse,
Or your name is Alvin;
Please stay away from Samm;
Even a platonic relationship,
Is hard to establish.

I could be wrong in my analysis above.

*Edited on August 2013*

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