Happy Creation Day, Magnus!

TOKYO - JULY 22:  In this handout image provid...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeThis is dedicated to Magnus, it's his birthday today! Hopefully I will be doing this every year.

In the blink of an eye,
Another year has passed,
Another number to your age,
Another year come and go.

What would the world be,
Without Magnus to give it color?
Without you to complete the pattern,
The world would be such a dull place.

Look at the night sky,
See those moon and stars?
That's how many people,
You have touched on this short lifespan.

Let's talk about the future,
Let's take a deep breath,
And really think hard,
Is this the direction you want?
Is this the world that you desire?
No matter the path which you chose,
Let me be your shadow.

Look here pal,
It was never easy,
To have reached this stage,
Don't waste it on temporal bliss,
Don't let minor stuff bring you down,
Let the past become an experience,
Which prepares you for the days ahead.

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