A boy near the sea.

Ming-Emperor Jiajing
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There's this guy,
Who lives near the sea,
He's no fisherman,
Because he's too dope for it.

He wants a boat,
He talks about a boat,
He dreams about a boat,
But guess what?
The boat is a lie.

He has a plan,
To get what he wants,
All it includes,
Is plenty of running and gaming.

Look here,
I was once invited,
To eat with him,
But all he can ever cook,
Is some baked scallops,
Without cheese!
Oh, the horror!

They say that,
Give a man a fish,
He eats for a day,
Teach a man to fish,
And he eats forever,
In his case,
Give him a fish,
He becomes a famous stand up comedian with a rotten fish,
Teach him to fish,
He opens a fishing school for dummies.

Here's a toast,
To that boy near the sea,
Hope that fish earns him a boat.
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