My Private Spaceship

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If this is the Space Age,
And everybody get's their own spaceship,
Like how people get cars today,
I am going to get the biggest ship I can afford,
Not because I have to compensate,
But I do love it when there's enough space,
For an entire village.

My spaceship has got to be big,
It can move,
But of course not as fast as fighters,
It can get from point A to point B,
And that's more than enough.

My spaceship needs guns,
Two major cannons,
One at the top,
The other at the bottom,
Both can rotate 180 degrees,
Turrets located from left to right,
Covering the ships flank,
To pick off annoying fighters.

My spaceship needs shields,
So thick that only a blackhole,
Can disable it,
With the best cooling system,
And located at the center of the ship,
Not next to the hangar bay,
Stupid droids.

My spaceship needs fighter squadrons,
Maybe just 3 or 4 squads,
You never know,
When a fighter can mean,
Victory or death.

I think I will name my ship,
In memory of the game Total Annihilation.

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