Soul In Transition

Look at this world,
It is nothing more than a pit stop,
Nothing more than a temporary stop,
We are only stopping at this world,
Forever stuck in this cycle of transition.

Every soul wanders,
Wandering it's own purpose,
Wandering how the world works,
Wandering when a miracle will appear,
This world is perfect for souls in transition.

Do you see the next station?
People fear the next station,
For none know what is inside the next station,
None has ever returned to tell the tale,
None knew when their train will set off for the next station.

I wandered far and wide in this world,
Finding for reasons to live,
Finding for reasons to smile,
Finding for a cure for this hole in my heart,
I stopped wandering,
The day my heartbeat,
Started beating faster than Usain Bolt,
And for that,
I live in both regret and joy,
Always in transition between both emotions,
But ultimately glad for you in my life.


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