To warlord or to bishop?

I have always wondered,
Which to choose?
Warlord or bishop?
Destroy or protect?

I have always wanted,
At certain times,
To be a warlord,
And at other times,
To be a bishop.

I have always wondered,
What do I want to be?
Warlord or bishop?
Destroyer or protector?
I am interested in both,
And I know I can't choose both,
Choosing just one,
Is like finding the right wand.

I have always wondered,
Who should I target?
Who to destroy?
Who to protect?
Enemies and allies are vague concepts,
Humanity itself is worthy enough,
To both destroy and protect.

At this very moment,
Let me protect,
This precious memory of her.

Inspired by the boardgame Citadel.

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