The Hobbit

The calm before the storm,
Nobody could tell,
How good a day is,
Until a wizard comes knocking,
With storming guests right behind.

The contract is written,
What's left is a signature,
To be or not to be?
Never before is this question so important.

To adventure!
To Lonely Mountain!
To Rivendell!
To danger!
To dragon!

Oh look,
Trolls eating horses,
Can't let that happen,
Let's fight them,
Oh no,
We lost,
Let's convince those trolls we have parasite,
Sounds like a plan?
Good, because I am all out of ideas.

Petrified a few trolls,
Looted ancient weapons,
Chased by orcs,
Saved by elves,
Consulted with White Council,
Sneaked away before it's too late.

Hee Hii Hoo,
Here comes the elementals,
We better hide,
The terrain is their hide,
Lo and behold,
Our cave is a goblin trap,
Captured! Again!
Does the parasite trick work this time?

Boom is the signal,
For everybody to run,
With the wizard leading,
Run away from the frying pan,
Into the fire.

Bilbo, my boy,
Where have you been?
Who have you met?
What have you found?
That ring!
Don't you ever propose to any girl with that!

Here comes the orcs,
They want our heads,
We climb the trees,
Then threw flaming cones,
Nice trick you have there, Gandalf,
We should invite you for the BBQ after-party.

Fight! Fight! Fight!
For our leader!
Fear not of death!
Fight! To protect!

On eagles wings,
We soar to safety,
With our leader injured,
And that hateful Azog,
Chasing us till the next movie,
I swear that I will never eat another bird,
As a sign of gratitude to the eagles.

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