Did you ever have one?
Before the world,
Weighs you down with worries?
The need to travel and escape,
To explore the horizon.

When I was a child,
I marvel at worldly stories,
Lands so cool, your body breaks,
Lands so hot, you can fry an egg,
It started then,
My wanderlust.

I continue to grow,
From a child to adult,
Together with my wanderlust,
Until finally!
I, an adult, can travel,
I can do what a child cannot,
I can place my feet on foreign soil.

So, I went,
Armed with papers,
Of various uses,
To the four corners of Earth,
Expecting so much,
And the world does not disappoint.

I met people,
Who smile no matter what,
I met insects,
As beautiful as they are deadly,
I ate food,
So bizarre that an imprint is left on my taste buds,
I saw buildings,
Filled with a million stories to tell,
I embraced nature,
The same way my ancestors did.

All journeys,
Begins and ends,
So does mine,
And so I returned home,
As a different person,

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