Humanity Risk Factor Experiment

This is an experiment,
To create men or women,
Who would be remembered in history,
As the worst villain of all.

Look at all those children,
About to be traumatized systematically,
Just to produce a more chaotic humanity,
This is no place for decency,
All of use swore an oath of fealty,
To whichever child who could be,
The one who is evil made reality.

Our best tactician,
Is worst than Hitler and Alexander The Great combined,
He can design the best way,
To capture an entire army by himself,
Without weapons.

Our best leader,
Can motivate even the dead,
He can rally even the insane,
He can talk a child into murder,
He knows humanity better than every textbooks combined.

Our best fighter,
Can punch through concrete pillars,
Can swim faster than dolphins,
Can hide as well as a ninja,
He's the best athlete humanity can produce,
Illegally, of course.

Which one will it be?
Which one will be the next Grammar Nazi?

So much potential,
All eager to tear humanity apart,
When can we expect results?
When can this tiny ripple,
Change humanity's ocean of happiness?
Where is the late Grammar Nazi's Revenge Squad?
Call the ocean's best,
To do what's best.

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