Murder Starts With Me

My name is Murder,
I remove people,
From their old homes,
Homes which were once called Life,
A special district called Life,
Where everything is temporal,
Everything is yours till your credit lasts,
I came knocking without any warning,
Because I don't like using modern technology,
I take people who refuse to be taken,
Some still believe there's credit hidden somewhere,
I try not to make it painful,
Nobody likes to leave Life with a fractured bone,
But I am no foreigner to the language of pain,
There are many ways to persuade and negotiate,
But no way to bribe Murder,
Although there are plenty who tried,
There is no way for Murder to sympathize,
Those who know Life accepts the terms and conditions,
Murder could have been something else,
But all jobs would eventually deal with Death,
Because of who Murder was.

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