The Gift Of Rain

Once during every Age,
One with the Gift Of Rain,
Is spun into the world,
Set upon tasks by Ocean Of Happiness,
Meant to balance the War,
To keep neither side too strong nor too weak.

The Gift Of Rain,
One who rains down power,
Power which blesses all,
One who calls down disastrous floods,
Power too strong for any to handle,
Power which drowns all.

The Gift Of Rain,
Is a power that,
Can end or drag the War,
Both Humanity Risk Factor Experiment,
And Grammar Nazi's Revenge Squad desires it,
They fight,
They bargain,
They persuade,
They threaten,
They seduce,
They lure,
They negotiate,
They do whatever they can,
To benefit from the Gift Of Rain.

The Gift Of Rain is bound by Duty,
Never to take any side,
To play the role of neutral force,
No matter what opinions the Gift Of Rain has,
No matter how many friends on one side,
The Gift Of Rain wishes to protect,
Duty bound, Duty first,
No room for Opinion,
No room for Ideology,
No room for Friendship,
No room for Romance.

The greatest joy for the Gift Of Rain,
Is to record the dead,
Seeking out those who fall in battle,
Recording their memories and joy,
Making them immortal,
In the records of the Gift Of Rain,
The most precious memory and joy recorded,
There are many to choose from,
But the one deserving special mention,
Is the memories of friends greatest joy,
They have fallen, Yes,
But they have truly experienced Life.

Whenever it rains,
The Gift Of Rain is there.

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