Blue Cat, Black Cat

Blue Cat,
Come sit by my side,
Keep your fangs,
I promise you no harm,
Companionship and food all around,
I don't ask for much,
Just a pat and snuggle,
I promise you no cages,
Freedom to roam all around,
Come accompany me for a bit,
I am suffering from a brief period of weakness,
Come listen to me rant,
All about my journeys and companions,
All around a roundabout life,
Keeping everything I can,
Memories and artifacts,
Smiles and tears,
I pocket them all,
Please oh please,
Just stand by me this one last time,
Don't need to purr,
Don't need to be on your guard,
Please oh please,
This one last time,
One last time,
Last time,

Black Cat,
Come sit by my side,
Don't fight so much,
I can't be by your side anymore,
You are my master,
I can't do nothing, 
Knowing you are in trouble,
Yet just like blue cat,
You too must go on your own adventures,
If I ever grew old,
Your stories are the best I will ever tell my descendants,
Maybe the next generation will intersect,
Or my next reincarnation will remember again,
I know what must be done,
But that doesn't mean I like my decision,
Every story has an ending,
Every story has a beginning,
Life is made out of sad and happy endings,
This story's ending,
Depending on who tells the tale,
Could be happy, sad, or both,
I know what must be done,
I know what must be,
I know,

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