Dragon Dices

The ancestor Dragon dices his enemies,
With dices of great power,
Dices which have been passed down,
From generation after generation,
A family treasure,
Once, it was stolen,
Misused, abused,
Many dead,
Many healed,
Disaster strikes,
Tyrant appears,
The family dispatches,
Every known Dragon,
To get back the dices,
Faster and faster, time races,
Tyrant was ambushed,
After he was poisoned,
Tyrant teleported,
Tyrant was killed sleeping,
Turns out it was a decoy,
Many Dragons lost and captured,
Dragons were tracked down,
One by one taken down,
Dragons scatter and disappear,
New identities, new lives,
Tyrant dies of old age,
Dices separated among warlords,
Dragons strike as soon a chance appears,
Dices recovered except one,
Where did the Dice of Utility went?
Dices all kept in a safe,
Until the Dragons were betrayed,
Dark Dragons appear,
Taking all the dices in the safe,
Ruling as a Council of Tyrants,
Forgetting the missing dice,
Surviving Dragons left scattered,
Never knowing who to trust,
All looking for the missing Dice,
Even when the Dice is found,
None knew what to do,
Confront the Council?
Or hide, like before?
Nobody can escape from death,
Greed overpowers the evil easily,
The Council fights each other,
Dragons manipulated to kill a Tyrant,
The missing Dice taken by Tyrants,
But none knew of Dragon's plan,
The Dice's capture was planned,
Like a Trojan, every Tyrant poisoned,
Tyrants were left begging for the cure,
The Dragons refused them as punishment,
The Tyrant Dragons Age ended,
The Dices again secured,
The poison extended to every dice,
To remind all the price of power.

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