Monet, my Money

Here is Monet,
The currency of my country,
I use it to buy and sell,
Sometimes also to show and tell,
It has long history,
Representing freedom and nationalism,
Best art and paper my country can afford,
Looks so good,
And smells so fresh.

Here is Monet,
It has seen many hands,
Some dirty,
Some clean,
Some scented,
Some wrinkled,
Some dark,
Some white,
All the same,
All using Monet.

Here is Monet,
When there is too little,
Life is hard,
When there is too many,
Life is strange.
The trick of balance,
Not many knows it and/or wants it.

Here is Monet,
Some call the source of all evil,
But it's just paper,
What about human greed?
No greed, no evil, no?

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