Prelude To Destiny

Talk of Destiny,
And many knows what it is,
A path decided,
No matter how it is avoided,
But what comes before Destiny?

What, or Who,
Decides which paths will cross,
Which paths will split,
Which paths will end,
Which paths will begin,
The timing was so precise,
Was it a machine?
The feelings for each other so strong,
Was it a Higher being?
Or was it a Higher being using a machine?

Sometimes, I wonder,
How is it that so many coincidences creates an obvious connection?
How can one harmless event deep in the past,
Links, impacts and changes,
The present and future?
Is anything ever random,
In the face of Destiny?
Does ordering a drink in the restaurant,
Decides a person's future occupation?
These questions and more,
Are enough to paralyze free will,
Please don't be afraid,
To order your drink.

I wrote enough about destiny itself,
But what comes before destiny?
Before the concept exists,
Humanity is filled with unorganized randomness,
A bit of kindness forgotten in history,
All kinds of evil recited in education,
Hormones and emotions peaking,
With no possible pairing,
Tragedies and miracles unbalanced,
Too much hope and too little despair,
That is how I imagine,
An Age before Destiny.

People are free to argue,
That there is no Age before Destiny,
Destiny has always been there,
That there is no such thing as Destiny,
Only the Divine Power's will,
That there are other names for Destiny,
But those are just different names for the same function,
I neither condemn,
Nor confirm,
Whatever philosophy or ideology,
I just want to write a poem.

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