That Photo Story

Here's a photo,
Look at it carefully,
It is my treasure,
I want to share it with you.

Look at the photo,
The color of the sky,
Not too bright,
Not too dark,
Just nice,
With shades of blue and red,
Both my favorite colors.

See these smiling faces?
We were truly happy then,
With no worries.
Living the moment,
Taking life one photo at a time.

Hmm, why is there a tear on the photo?
Well, there is a story for that,
A story before you were born,
A story that very well could have decided,
If you were born or not.

Two person met under the perfect sky,
Both were taking pictures of the sky,
Both were just visiting the neighborhood,
They weren't sure what to do with each other,
So, they exchanged email first.
Then, phones,
And, like all love stories,
They exchanged family names.

What role does this photo play?
I'm getting there,
Don't rush while you are young.
You never know what joys patience can bring.

Where was I?
Ah yes, the lovely couple,
They walked the aisle,
Took their vows,
Made an extra vow too.
They vowed to take an annual marriage picture.

Fast forward a few years,
When life becomes hectic,
When the spark is no longer there,
The groom forgets the extra vow,
Can't blame the poor man,
He's got more ladders than the average Joe.
The bride got angry,
Took their best photo together,
Rip it apart,
And disappeared.

No, it's not a bad ending.
Yes, we are nearing the end.
Shh, we'll get something to eat after this story, okay?

For months the couple never see or contact each other,
And yet neither felt compelled to return,
Until one fateful photo,
Buried under the sands of time,
Ignite the spark once again.

The memories stored within,
Never changes no matter who you become.
Alright, let's order pizza today.

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